EATA Conference 2015

The Grief&Growth Therapy

De Luca M.L., Greco R., Messana C., Slavic E, Altomonte A., GosseB C., Grossi G., Tineri M.

The “Grief & Growth Therapy” is an approach to therapy (10 to 30 sessions; here we describe the 10 sessions protocol) with bereaved clients who asked for help at the Brief Therapy Intervention Service offered by the “Lutto e Crescita – Grief & Growth” Institute ( The Grief & Growth approach has been developed by a group of TSTA-P, CTA and in CTA in training with specific formation on grief and trauma with the goal to integrate in a general TA framework some of the most known approaches in the field of grief therapy: the Dual Process Model (Stroebe, Shut, 1999), the Continuing Bonds model (Klass, Silverman, Nickman, 1996), the meaning-making approach (Neimeyer et al., 2011) and Frankl’s existential Analysis (De Luca, 2014). We’ll present an outline of the variables assessed at the in-take and at the end of the treatment and a table summarizing the content and process of the 10 sessions.